IPB Testings’s expansion into external work has lead to an increase in staff numbers and we now employ seven full time members of staff. We offer a wide range of mechanical testing all of which is machined in our own in house facilities by experienced and highly trained machine shop staff.

Our Laboratory Manager Ian Dawson could be considered as perhaps IPB Testing’s greatest asset. Ian has over 18 years experience in mechanical testing and has essentially built up the test house from scratch including creating all the procedures necessary for accreditation. In addition Ian has overseen the employment and training of all the test house personnel.

We now offer testing services to a wide range of customers including those in the oil and gas, power generation, general fabrication and heat treatment sectors as well as steel stockists and the like.

Under our UKAS accreditation the following mechanical tests can be carried out;

  • Tensile testing (ASTM and BS EN) from 2kN to 500kN
  • Impact testing (ASTM, BS EN & Izod) from ambient to – 196°C
  • Vickers hardness testing (5kg, 10kg & 30kg)
  • Brinell hardness testing
  • Weld procedure testing
  • Welder qualification testing
  • Bend testing